Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Raising Funds (and AWARENESS) - AFSP

This fall, which will be my FIFTH year participating and fundraising, I will be joining with thousands of people nationwide to walk in AFSP's San Diego Walk: Out of the Darkness Community Walk to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I would appreciate any support that you give me for this worthwhile cause.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is at the forefront of research, education and prevention initiatives designed to reduce loss of life from suicide. With more than 38,000 lives lost each year in the U.S. and over one million worldwide, the importance of AFSP's mission has never been greater, nor our work more urgent.

I am actually already over 50% of the way to my fundraising goal. Over the past 5 events I have helped to raise over $4,000 for the AFSP and am grateful for the generosity of my friends and family. I would LOVE it if you would consider supporting my participation in this event. Any contribution will help the work of AFSP, and all donations are 100% tax deductible.

Donating online is safe and easy! You literally just need to click the "MAKE A DONATION!" button in the image below, or go to my participant page here and click the "DONATE NOW" option at the top of the page. 

Thanks in advance for considering any type of giving (whether it is monetary, participating in a walk near you, volunteering your time at an event, or just spreading the word about this amazing organization)!! 

Monday, August 18, 2014

I Did It!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably already know the news, but just in case you don't...


I will be starting my training at the beginning of September (yes, I know that is VERY early, but I am running the Dopey Challenge at the beginning of January, so need to be full marathon trained by then and then STAY trained until the end of February when I CRUSH this race).

I am hoping this will be my Sub-4 Marathon (running a full marathon in under 4 hours). I ran my first full in May and finished with a time of 4:13. There were a lot of hills (pretty constant, but nothing too big) and about half seemed to be trail, so although it was an AMAZING experience, it wasn't exactly what I trained for. I am hoping I can ROCK THIS RACE (and then maybe hang up my full marathon shoes for a while - seeing how much training it takes to get ready for one of the races).

As I am SURE you can imagine, there will be PLENTY of posts over the next few months during training ;) So you've been warned!


Doesn't that elevation chart tempt you to sign up?! 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Workout Recap - Week 33

Sunday, August 10th – 4 mile run, 4x800 with the hubby, PiYo (Define: Lower Body and Define: Upper Body), Foam Rolled & Stretched

Monday, August 11th –  6 mile run, PiYo (Sweat), Foam Rolled & Stretched

Tuesday, August 12th –  Strength Training (abs, back, arms and legs), PiYo (Define: Lower Body)

Wednesday, August 13th– 6 mile runPiYo (Core), Foam Rolled & Stretched

Thursday, August 14th – PiYo (Define: Upper Body), 4.5 miles with the hubby, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Friday, August 15th – 14 mile run, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Saturday, August 16th – PRO Compression Shake Out Run - 3.1 mile run, PiYo (Sweat), Foam Rolled & Stretched

Almost 40 miles and 6 days of PiYo - not too shabby!!

This week was my last "long run" until the Dumbo Double Dare in two weeks (HOW IS THE SUMMER ALMOST OVER?!).

Even though Saturday was supposed to be a rest day, when I hear about the PRO Compression Shake Out Run  I knew that was out the window (I mean, how can I pass up running with friends in America's Finest City?!). Although I will not be racing the Dumbo Double Dare for PRs (personal records), I do want to make sure I am rested for it and not over exert or injure myself - especially since I will be starting my next training plan up the first week of September (I've technically been running rouge since May - without any sort of plan).

How were your workouts this past week?  

Saturday, August 16, 2014

PRO Compression AFC Shake Out Run

Today was supposed to be a rest day... but when there was chatter about a PRO Compression Shake Out Run down in San Diego (some of the folks are running the America's Finest City Half Marathon tomorrow), I knew that was out the window!

I attended the San Diego meet-up in May and had a grand ol' time - running around Mission Bay, meeting social media royalty, and walking away with some pretty AWESOME PRO Compression gear. [Feel free to read the recap here]

I think StuftMama caught my excitement about the last get together pretty well, huh?!

Since it was a shake out run for most folks, we did an easy pace 3 miles (which is sort of like a rest day, right?!). We had a GREAT turnout! Lots of runners, kids along for the workout, and even some strollers! Everyone is welcome in our crew!!

Kristin (you know, that AWESOME StuftMama) asked me if I'd head up the run so she could turn back a little early to set up the table.

Leslie (a pretty fan-freakin'-tastic ultra marathoner) and I ended up leading the group around Mission Bay. Since neither of us were running the race the following day we didn't need to save our legs for anything and may have gone out a little too fast. We had a great time, even in the heat (starting at 10am was a little rough).

Thanks for grabbing the shot TSA :)

Leslie and I after the run.

After we finished up our 5K run we were able to hang out and chat a bit with all the awesome folks (PRO Compression has some of the best ambassadors and fans in the industry, but I may be a little partial...). I am honored to be part of such an amazing team!!

The Silent Assassin and I - SHAKAS!

Smitha and I - BIG SMILE SELFIE! 

PRO Compression royalty - StuftMama and SkinnyRunner
Photo Credit: The Silent Assassin  

Yes, the three amigos will be running the Phoenix Marathon in February!
Thanks for the picture 

Photo Credit: Smitha

And just in case you think we only get together to run, we were thinking of others and trying to help the community at the same time. A local PRO Compression friend was gathering shoes to donate to those in need. She was running her own community service event, collecting shoes for the homeless around the world (oh yeah, and she is ELEVEN YEARS OLD), so we all pitched in as much as we could. As you can see we were able to rally the troops and get quite a few pairs.

Gotta love giving back!!
Photo Credit: StuftMama

Best of luck to everyone running America's Finest City Half Marathon tomorrow!! Although I won't be running the course alongside of you all, Ry and I will be out on a long run of our own - 9er miles (yes, we did just watch Tommy Boy so of course there is a niner in there!).

Do you LOVE meeting Social Media friends IRL OR WHAT?! 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

6 Years!

Saturday is our 6 year wedding anniversary. I figured since today is #TBT (ThrowBack Thursday) I'd post a couple pictures from that day.

We got married at the Bali Hai Restaurant in Shelter Island. Seeing as most of our friends and family lived in Michigan, it was a destination wedding for them (we figured it would be one of the only times we could be selfish and ask everyone to come see us, rather than going back to them).

Our wedding was very "us". Ryan made a playlist and "DJ'ed" our reception (he actually even recorded announcements for our entrances, first dances, etc - HA). We donated money to a charity instead of giving favors. Our "getaway car" was a tandem bike with Diet Mountain Dew cans tied to the back. Instead of flowers (that wither and die), we had bouquets and boutonnieres made with reclaimed leather and recycled buttons (that we can keep forever). We had cupcakes instead of a cake (before cupcakes were trendy ;)). Although none of our friends or family are vegetarian, we made sure the menu was 100% veggie (even if my brother threatened to go to McDonald's beforehand ;)).

We had an AMAZING day, but what we wanted more than anything was an AMAZING MARRIAGE! Yes, we will have our good times and bad, but we will work on our relationship and love DAILY because we want to be each other's ALWAYS!

Ryan is my best friend, my partner, my everything (behind my main man J.C. that is ;)). We aren't much for celebrating "milestones" - my thought is I would rather know YEAR ROUND that you love me than just on one "special" day (and let me tell you, I don't think Ryan is too bummed he doesn't have to go buy a card or anything) - but you know I've gotta give him a shout out since he is AWESOME-SAUCE!!

I LOVE YOU BABE! 6 years of marriage down, forever to go! 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wienerschnitzel Wiener Nationals

This past weekend Walt participated in his SECOND race ever - the Wienerschnitzel Wiener Races! [His first race was a 1 mile run this past December, The Santa Mile with Santa's Little Helpers (meaning doggies could run with their owners). Although he has short legs, he still came in TENTH PLACE overall and seemed to enjoy himself.]

Even though we rescued Walt last spring, we were out of town for the Wiener Dog Races last year, so this was the first year we could go to the races WITH A WIENER! (Yup, I have gone MANY years without a pup of my own...)

Saturday morning we jumped in the car around 7:30am and headed south to Qualcomm Stadium (where the Chargers play). We hadn't pre-registered, so we wanted to be there around the time registration opened (which was at 8am, with the first races starting at 9am). There were already quite a few folks (and their dachshunds) at the Rugby field when we arrived. We were able to sign up pretty quickly, pay our $10, and walk around a bit.

Since we had time to kill (and one of our friend's let us borrow his Go Pro), we decided to have some fun and take a couple videos and photos to document the event. Ry ran around the open field for a bit with Walt and the Go Pro and then had me run towards him so he could grab a couple stills on our camera.

Before we knew it, it was time to RACE! [If you have never been to a Wiener Dog Race before, you might need a little clarification. So although it is a "race" (the fastest 16 based on time go to the Del Mar Race Track for a race at the end of August and then the winner actually attends the Holiday Bowl at the end of December), most of the dogs don't realize it. Many of the dogs don't make it down to the finish line and end up just sniffing around on the "track" or chasing other dogs.] We weren't sure what to expect with Walt, but knew it would be fun!

He actually did EXTREMELY well! The first time he didn't really go down to Ryan until they "called the race" and I started walking down towards the end. The second time around he did really great and actually ran out of the starting block once they lifted the gate and finished strong! The last time he did it, he thought "defense is the best offense" and instead of running down to me, he decided to throw up a block for the other dog so neither could finish very quickly... Strategy, huh?!

[This is the video of his "strongest" race.]

After Walt raced those three times, we decided we would head home because it was awfully toasty out (even though it was only 10:30am) and Walt was SPENT! On the way home Walt passed out before we even got back to the expressway ;) [And of course Ryan was out like a light too, but he wears his sunnies to hide the fact]

Ryan edited some of the Go Pro videos he took together for a fun little montage of Walt's day at the races. Hope you enjoy it... [It's about two and a half minutes, but I promise it is SOOOOOOO worth it!]

Oh yeah, and how can I forget?! Because Wienerschnitzel is the main sponsor, of course they had a hot dog truck on site and even had "K9 Dogs", so Ryan just HAD to get Walt one. You can see at the end of the above video Walt thoroughly enjoyed his hot dog... although Ryan called it cannibalism. And then Ryan had him wear a hot dog bun as a hat, since he wanted nothing to do with the plain bread.

Do you have a dog? Has he/she ever done a race before?